IP Address Management (IPAM)

IP Address Management (IPAM)

Managing switch ports and IP addresses have never been so easy! 

with OpUtils v12.1

Switch Port & IP Address Management Software

OpUtils is a Switch Port & IP Address Management software that helps network engineers manage their Switches and IP Address Space with ease. With its comprehensive set of 30+ tools, it helps them to perform network monitoring tasks like detecting a rogue device intrusion, keep a check on bandwidth usage, monitoring availability of critical devices, backing up Cisco configuration files and more.

IP Address Management

Scan IPv4 & IPv6 subnets in the network to identify the available and used IP Addresses.

Switch Port Management

Scan all the switches in your network and map the switch ports to devices down to its physical location.

Detect Rogue Devices

Identify the rogue device intrusions and block their access.

Backup Cisco Config Files

Backup, push, and revert configurations from web GUI. Receive notifications for unauthorized changes.

Monitor Bandwidth Usage

Manage IP address for space and availability. Track switch ports and the devices connected to it, in real-time.

Network Tools

Set multi-level thresholds to get notified of faults at various stages via email and SMS.